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Passion for the details of a celebration often drives as much conversation as the overall experience. The elements that make the heartbeat of a culture are both our curiosity and our inspiration.

The Social Concierge lifestyle is rooted in creative design, spontaneous moments and spirited by a knowledgeable amount of food and champagne. Over the years we have gotten to know some fascinating people with sophisticated perspectives. If you like a good story with beautiful pictures, read on.

Guests attending the coveted event this year will enjoy a meal designed by Vancouver’s Vital Supply Co and Cocktails and Canapés, as well as an ever evolving wine portfolio. The event will take place at two secret locations. Join us in a walk down memory lane as we revisit some of Dîner en Blanc highlights from year's past.

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The Evolution of Le Dîner en Blanc Vancouver

You’ve just taken a seat at an elegantly decorated dinner table with your closest friends while enjoying some of the most spectacular views the city has to offer. The late August evening sun is casting a golden halo over a sea of guests dressed elegantly in white. Wine glasses clink as your friends share a delighted laugh, and you do the same while feeling authentically in the moment. You enjoy a temporary escape into a space where friends are truly savouring life, and the energy is liberating. Dîner en Blanc Vancouver exudes unparalleled charm, and although the premise remains the same, Dîner offers a fresh spin on this enchanted gathering year after year. Guests have been treated to a world-class dining experience with epicurean meals designed by David Hawksworth, and Cocktails and Canapés, accented by an evolving seasonal wine portfolio. Each surprise location offers a distinct atmosphere, and this year the city’s most chic dinner party is revisiting its Parisian roots with a more intimate atmosphere in two surprise locations. In 2017 guests can look forward to a grassroots and romantic iteration that recalls Dîner en Blanc’s humble inception in Paris nearly 30-years ago. In honour of Dîner’s evolution, join us as we take a walk down memory lane and conjure sparks of the ephemeral magic we’ve created in the year’s past.

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2012 – Vancouver’s First Le Dîner en Blanc – Jack Poole Plaza  

The excitement was palpable. Over one-thousand guests waited in restless anticipation to find out the secret location of their elegant picnic. As soon as the location was revealed waves of eager, white-clad guests descended on Jack Poole Plaza to set up their tables and chairs at their debut Dîner en Blanc. Situated between the Olympic Torches and the waterfront at Coal Harbour, guests enjoyed views of the city skyline to the south, and gorgeous views of the mountains to the north. Part mystery and part magic, Vancouver’s first Le Dîner en Blanc captivated guests and onlookers alike.

Diner en blanc Vancouver 2017


2013 – Dining Beside Science World

Hundreds of guests kicked off the second annual Dîner en Blanc by excitedly rushing to the shore to welcome a number of their peers who made a striking entrance by yacht. Guests this year took the expression, “arrive in style” to a whole new level, and the lavish nature of this celebration didn’t fall short of expectations. Guests had their choice of preparing their own delicious meals, or enjoying an elegant dinner designed by celebrity chef David Hawksworth. To conclude this delightful evening, guests were welcomed into the exclusive after party hosted inside Science World.  

Diner en blanc Vancouver 2017


2014 – David Lam Park  

The city lights were no match for the 3,500 sparklers that lit up the sky at David Lam Park during the signature sparkler moment. The stunning harbour front at False Creek bordered the event to one side, while guests could enjoy breathtaking views of Science World and of BC Place to the other. Nestled between greenspace and skyscrapers, unforgettable memories were made during this enchanted evening. By the third annual Dîner en Blanc, there was no sign that this event was losing any of its allure, rather it was picking up considerable momentum.

Diner en blanc Vancouver 2017


2015 –  Dining at Canada Place

A flurry of white garments and decorations quickly took over one of Vancouver’s most iconic locations on a late summer’s evening in 2015. Canada Place offered one of the most captivating settings for Le Dîner en Blanc with striking white sails accentuating the views of North Vancouver, Stanley Park and the Georgia Straight. Depending on where one was sitting, one might have witnessed an elegant wedding that took place among the festivities. In addition to the nuptials, 4,500 guest enjoyed an evening filled with dinner, live performances, and dancing. This may have been the most sensory rich Dîner en Blanc in Vancouver yet!

Diner en blanc Vancouver 2017


2016 – Concord Pacific Place

The tables were set and wonderful meals were about to be enjoyed, but not before 6,000 guests waved their white napkins in the air to signify the official commencement of Le Dîner en Blanc.  This was Canada’s largest outdoor dinner party, and the third largest Dîner en Blanc in the world. With an extraordinary demand for tickets, The Social Concierge welcomed guests to Concord Pacific Place, and once again, this carefully selected location offered spectacular views of the city.  After the signature sparkler moment the Juno-nominated jazz band, The Lost Fingers, took to the stage for an energetic finale. This year’s exclusive after party was held at the Edgewater Casino where there were stunning live performances and beautifully dressed guests who danced the night away.

Diner en blanc Vancouver 2017


2017 –  Revisiting Parisian Roots

One of Vancouver’s most anticipated summer events returns in just a couple of weeks, and registered guests are putting the finishing touches on their all-white wardrobe and crafting ornate centrepieces for their beautifully decorated tables. Most of all, they are waiting with great anticipation to experience another unforgettable evening. Whether the guest is returning, or it is their first time, there is always a sense of mystery and allure to each unique Dîner en Blanc. For those who are having their dinner catered, this year meals will be designed  by Vancouver’s Vital Supply Co and Cocktails and Canapés. Guests can expect a more intimate setting where an emphasis is placed on making connections. Whether adding fire to an existing flame, or sparking new friendships, this year our guests will be revisiting a simpler time when the most important part of a dinner party are the connections you make.


Diner en blanc Vancouver 2017

If you have an eye for dauntless fashion, a taste for sipping Vancouver’s finest cocktails, and a lust for feeling the adrenaline pump through your veins at the race track, then The Deighton is your cup of tea. Soak in the excitement at the starting gates and get your first flutter in the betting ring. Dine like Kings and Queens with a complimentary lunch for all ticket holders prepared by Vancouver’s very own Cocktails and Canapes. The 9th annual Deighton Cup on July 22 – this year more lavish and audacious than ever before. 

The Deighton Cup pays homage to John Deighton, colloquially known as Gassy Jack. He brought a spirit of fun, libations and camaraderie to the early settlers in Vancouver at a time when our rough and tumble city was just pulling itself up by its bootstraps. We invite you to raise a glass in celebration of our city’s evolution from saloons to skyscrapers, and from moonshine to single barrel bourbon. From humble beginnings to lavish parties, the spirit remains the same, it’s the spirit of bringing people together, embracing greatness and making the most out of every moment.

The Fairest of Them All  

Vancouver’s most stylish always come out to play at The Deighton Cup, and each year the Belle Du Jour and the Gallant Sartorialist are selected from the crowd by our celebrity and fashion industry judges. Greatness lies outside of your comfort zone, and the Style Stakes winners will be those who are fearless in creating a style that inspires. For more information about the event, or to learn more about the innovative and stylish Crystal Carson and Jamie Hughes our Style Stake Director and Producer, click here.

Events in Vancouver

The 5th Annual Cocktail Jockey is Bigger and Better Than Ever Before

We are excited to host the 5th annual Cocktail Jockey competition. The Cocktail Jockey brings together enthusiastic mixologists to showcase their spin on a classic derby cocktail. This year the aperitif of choice is the classic champagne cocktail. Due to popular demand this year the competition will be held offsite prior to the event and you can find more information about the competition here. For all of the cocktail connoisseurs attending The Deighton Cup you will be in the epicentre of mixologist expertise – so get ready to savour a variety of cocktails that are second to none.

Events in Vancouver

The Finer Details

This year The Deighton Cup returns on July 22, at the grand Hastings Racecourse. The event will run from 11 am – 6 pm for a day-long social gathering. Viewing options and social space are abundant. If you want to feel the energy of the thoroughbreds round the bend while you clink glasses with your friends, join us in one of our available Trackside Private Suites. Once again, the Marquee and Concourse come together to create an elevated experience for all ticket holders. All attendees are granted access to the Champagne Stage, Cigar Lounge, Mile’s End Motors Field of Dreams, and scenic picnic area for a premium experience.

Events in Vancovuer

The Purveyors of Fine Culture

The Social Concierge is a curator of fine culture and remarkable experiences. We are a boutique branding and marketing agency that delivers first-rate solutions to clients who want to see their vision truly come to life. The Social Concierge and Droski Marketing have come together to bring you an experience that you’ll never forget.

Don’t miss the most fabulous event in Vancouver this summer!

Dîner en Blanc – the worldwide pop-up dining phenomenon has charmed and wowed hundreds of thousands of guests around the world since the event was first conceived in Paris, back in 1988. To many, a favourite evening of the year, to many others, the most breathtaking party they’ve ever stumbled upon. This sensational event owes a great degree of its astonishment, grandeur, and envy to the many traditions that protect and guide the events integrity and culture. We have been both very proud and perpetually excited to produce this one of a kind event in Vancouver 4 times already, and we’re on the verge of celebrating our 5th DEB Anniversary in just a few days.

In planning for each next iteration of Dîner en Blanc, we try to keep things fresh, push boundaries, and unbridle our ambitions – so that we can create the most engaging and memorable occasion possible. We are fortunate that in producing this event, we are already given the tools to guarantee a truly unique evening. Dîner en Blanc is a very traditional and principled event that celebrates community and inclusivity and this guides the ways in which we can envisage our version of the spectacle. All guests are asked to abide by several key traditions, and while the result of following them successfully is a splendid evening and contribution to a completely unique experience, they can be difficult to navigate. The simple act of attending according to code and tradition generates its own sense of community, and as much we can design the entertainment and atmosphere the best way that our guests can enjoy themselves is by being prepared and landing all the basics.  

To this end, the following guide should serve as a useful tool in helping both veterans and first-timers alike to figure out the structure and nuances of Dîner en Blanc and set themselves up for the easiest and most engaging experience one could wish for! 

Before Dîner en Blanc

  • Attire
    • Part of the magical sight of Dîner en Blanc is that everyone dresses in all white. Cream or off-white may look acceptable at home, however once next to all other guests, these colours can stand out. Our tip? Look at the colour of your outfit in natural lighting. 
    • Year over year, attendees take their fashions to the next level not only in garments, but accessories as well. From Marie Antoinette dresses and wigs to full white body paint, we enjoy the unique take each attendee has when it comes to their en blanc outfit. 
    • New to 2016 – this year we are switching to a scanning system – There will be no tokens as in years past. To redeem any items purchased including wine and meals, you must have your barcodes of items purchased printed out and with you at the event. You can find these in the e-platform. (If there are any issues with barcodes, once at the venue, you can visit the token resolution desk).
  • What to Bring
    • Gear – A square table (24-30″), white tablecloth, white linen napkin, white chairs, white ceramic of china plateware, stemwear/glassware; a wood/white picnic basket is also recommended.
    • All gear must be non-disposable. Glass and china is acceptable. Paper, plastics and other disposable items are strictly forbidden.
    • If you are bringing your own meal, ensure to have them prepared ahead of time and appropriately sorted into your picnic basket.
    • Bringing any form of alcoholic beverages into the secret location is strictly prohibited. All bags will be checked by security at the departure locations. 
  • How to be Prepared
    • Connect with your table leader in advance to ensure you have all of their information as well as meeting time and departure location. It is important to note that your actual meeting time may be different than what is listed on the e-platform.
    • As there are many table leaders at each departure location, allow yourself plenty of time at your location to meet with your table leader and collect all items needed from you table leader including wrist bands, compass cards etc.

During Dîner en Blanc

  • Settling Down
    • Once arriving at the Secret Location, ensure you stick with your table leader until you arrive at your allotted table row. This will be indicated to your table leader ahead of time. In the event that you lose your table leader, first call them, otherwise there will be maps posted at the entrance. 
    • Once you set up your table and chairs, head to the individual stations to redeem your water, food and wine. 
    • In the event there is an issue with your barcodes or items purchased, there will be a resolution desk on site. 
  • Dining and Fun
    • Once you have redeemed all your items, return to your table and prepare for the napkin wave: the official kick off for Dîner en Blanc and the second most photographed moment of the event.
    • Your table must remain at its allocated position, however, guests are strongly encouraged to explore the entire secret location and mingle with friends and other guests. There is plenty to see, and even more to do at #DEBVan.
  • The Sparkler Moment 
    • To maintain Dîner en Blanc tradition, please wait for the official lighting ceremony before igniting your sparklers. Your table leader will provide you with your sparkler when the time nears. An announcement will be made 10-15 minutes in advance to let you know to return to your table – Have your cameras and phones ready, this is the most magical and special moment of the night.

After Dîner en Blanc

  • Garbage
    • It is a fundamental Dîner en Blanc tradition to pack in and pack out all of your items – bringing your trash with you as you leave. To respect the environment we will have taken over for our celebration, attendees are asked to leave the location as clean, if not cleaner, than it was upon arrival. This includes bottles, meal packages, and any other trash you may have amassed during the event.
    • Trash bags will be provided to you by your Table Leader at the event. 
  • Getting Home
    • You should make your Table Leader aware how you intend to get home: walking/cab, public transit, or via return to the Departure Location.
      • Those who arrived via Motorcoach will have the opportunity to be returned to their departure location by coach again.
      • Those who arrived via public transit may return to their departure location via transit at their own discretion.
      • Those who have tickets to attend the After Party, Le Disco, will have to arrange their own transportation home from the After Party location (which is also a secret).
  • Le Disco: Diner en Blanc’s Official After Party
    • Vancouver annually plays host to our very own Dîner en Blanc After Party: Le Disco. After the 10:00pm finish, guests who have purchased After Party tickets are invited to join us at a secret location to keep the party going long after the sparklers have fizzled out into the night.
    • Those who have purchased Le Disco tickets, please keep your order confirmations with the barcodes, do not throw them away. You will be checked-in with your barcode.

Take good care to follow all of these rules and suggestions, and one’s Dîner en Blanc experience should be a breeze and a blast! Many of our guests return year after year and herald it their favourite event of the season. Each year we try to fashion a new and exceptional experience for our guests, utilizing the classic DEB traditions and combining them with innovative art, entertainment and iconic secret locations. While the event can be enjoyed in different ways each year, these tips and tricks will never change. By mastering them you are guaranteeing yourself the best manner in which to delight in the splendour and Joie de Vivre of one of the most glorious nights of the year. 

Does the communications world excite you? When you see a blank page, do the words flow out like a crisp beer on a warm Summer’s day? Are you a social media maven? Do you value team building and strong company culture?

If it’s a yes, then you are in the right place! We’re on the hunt for our next communications team member!

Here’s a glimpse of the work that you will do:

  • You will deliver online, social media communication with attendees, potential customers and social media audiences interested in The Social Concierge (and its respective portfolio) through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn; and develop presence and achieve growth in new channels such as Snapchat and Periscope
  • Utilizing a base of thousands of never-before-seen images, exciting event videos and an already strong brand presence, you will elevate The Social Concierge as the most recognized purveyor of premium accessibly immersive cultural events
  • You will simultaneously build new audiences and maximize engagement with our current base of subscribers through regular brand-relevant content. Ultimately, increase email subscriber acquisition is the highest form of success during the tenure of this partnership
  • You will attend all key events, press shoots, sponsor events and photographic opportunities to cover angles of The Social Concierge events / other important cultural happenings in Vancouver
  • Develop and leverage a social media influencer strategy that effectively amplifies The Social Concierge social media messages.
  • You will deliver written copy and digital blog content with audiences interested in The Social Concierge and unique event activities. This written copy may include sponsorship decks, ticketing platform copy, social media event copy, website copy, graphic copy, SMS marketing copy or digital blog content, as necessary.
  • You will collaborate with Director, Digital Communications to develop all newsletters from The Social Concierge Mailchimp and relevant partner programs. This will include writing all copy, as well as subject lines and headers
  • You will expand your creative writing and content curation abilities to come up with fresh, new angles for copy that inspires, engages and converts audiences
  • You will collaborate and support with Public Relations on all in-house and client events


But first, a couple of minor asks:

  • You have demonstrated experience in digital content creation, social media management and copywriting with brands, events or even just personally. We are looking for the right mix of young skill, positive attitude and burgeoning creativity
  • You take initiative – You don’t need a lot of supervision, and you can manage tasks fluidly 
  • You’re passionate about writing, branding and creating shareable content
  • You love events and are connected in your community
  • You value your team – A glass of red wine with a coworker or boss is most likely on your Friday evening agenda
  • You can work under a high deal of pressure and strict deadlines (the events industry is not slow paced)
  • You have a ‘can-do’ attitude – You’re not afraid to break out of the “communications mold” and hop into other tasks when needed (ever built a mythical Keltic Stone?)
  • You might have experience with Hootsuite, Facebook Business Manager, Mailchimp or other social tools
  • You may have experience with InDesign or Photoshop

Strong applicants will have a deep enthusiasm to combine the written word with dynamic social content. While years of experience is always good, what we actually need in our next communications star is the right attitude, excellent writing skills and a natural comfort with social media channels.

Please note that this position is full time. 

If this sounds like you (or someone you may know) those interested can apply with our hiring manager at inquire@thesocialconcierge.com.

Please include a resume and cover letter answering the following questions:

  1. What is unique about you and your experience?
  2. Why are you the right candidate for The Social Concierge?
  3. Have you ever attended any of our events? If so, which ones and what did you enjoy most about them?
  4. What do you appreciate about our social media channels and why?

Bonjour, dear friends.

It is with great anticipation and excitement we share a labour of love with you, a digital preview of The Social Concierge. Since our conception, we’ve grown immensely, but it was truly as of recently where we took leaps and bounds professionally, logistically and creatively. We’ve expanded not only in size of company, but more so importantly, in experiences. Specializing in generating unrivalled anticipation, moments of happiness and lifelong memories.

The past calendar cycle has set the stage for 300+ days of inspired and creative events, innovative celebrations and refreshing soirees expanding across Western Canada. From hosting over four thousand co-creators at one of Vancouver’s most iconic (and logistically difficult) Dîner en Blanc locations yet,


doubling our autumn festival, Harvest Haus, in just one year,


to expanding the architecturally composed event Monogram Dinner by Design nationally across Canada.


We’ve seen it all. There have been sword fights, candlelight dinners, circus acts, pop-up opera performances and derby day’s like the Deighton Cup and Packwood Grand, rivalling those overseas.


Expanding beyond that, there have even been incredible TEDxVancouver talks that have completely captivated 3000+ people.


These events may be worlds apart in design, but all have one commonality, our reason d’être, our central purpose: Bringing people together.


Our experiential boutique events continue to be our bread and butter, however, we have been extremely fortunate to take on more client events, redefining ourselves away from a traditional event company. Working with influential brands like lululemon athletica, Porsche, Wesgroup Developments, and Nike, among many others, has groomed us into what we believe to be the ultimate in creative agencies. 

Throughout those client events we’ve developed and executed experiential celebrations for employee appreciations and global brand launches,


worked with luxury brands to design and execute incomparable release parties,

Porsche_Centre_Langley_079 (1)

and above all, have conceived events that immerse guests into the identity and true reason of the brand’s being.


Not only have we worked with globally recognized brands, we have been able to create with non-profit organizations to most ultimately raise awareness to their cause. Since inception of The Social Concierge, we’ve worked with charitable organizations such as Arts Umbrella, the Scotiabank Dance Centre, and Vancouver Public Library Foundation. We believe deeply in philanthropy and social impact as part of our regular routine.


Some of these organizations events have gone under complete re-design, centring the focus around its very reason for being, like Conquering Oral Cancer.


Refining existing events, or designing new ones, we’re proud to create and produce events for such life-changing foundations.

Trailblazing into the next chapter of The Social Concierge, we’re excited to share what the future has in store for us and this blog will continue to help us do so.

The Sphere of Influence provides a glimpse into The Social Concierge motherboard. Expect to find unknown details on events, influencers in our community, and an overall hub of knowledge in what we at The Social Concierge deem as fascinating and thought-provoking.


This is a place for readers to stay ahead of the curve. You are pioneering pacesetters. You are drivers and navigators of the untapped arts and culture scene of Vancouver. You are curious, enterprising, influencers who enjoy design, music, fashion, entertainment, libations, cultural cuisine and community.

You can keep in touch with us throughout this journey by subscribing to our newsletter hereIn doing so, we promise to share information on The Social Concierge events as well as curated content, that are sure to make your year more culturally rich than ever before. 

So without further ado, welcome to our new home. We encourage you to wander around, and revel in our work with us. And be sure to check back here for weekly updates around our Sphere. 

Long live the spectacular.

Passion for the details of a celebration often drives as much conversation as the overall experience. The elements that make the heartbeat of a culture are both our curiosity and our inspiration.

The Social Concierge lifestyle is rooted in creative design, spontaneous moments and spirited by a knowledgeable amount of food and champagne. Over the years we have gotten to know some fascinating people with sophisticated perspectives. If you like a good story with beautiful pictures, read on.

Guests attending the coveted event this year will enjoy a meal designed by Vancouver’s Vital Supply Co and Cocktails and Canapés, as well as an ever evolving wine portfolio. The event will take place at two secret locations. Join us in a walk down memory lane as we revisit some of Dîner en Blanc highlights from year's past.

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