Sphere of influence

Passion for the details of a celebration often drives as much conversation as the overall experience. The elements that make the heartbeat of a culture are both our curiosity and our inspiration.

The Social Concierge lifestyle is rooted in creative design, spontaneous moments and spirited by a knowledgeable amount of food and champagne. Over the years we have gotten to know some fascinating people with sophisticated perspectives. If you like a good story with beautiful pictures, read on.


The Social Concierge continues to design reimagined experiences for this unique time in history. Once again reviving a fan-favourite, we bring you a virtual summer soirée edition of Candlelight Club.

What is Candlelight Club, you ask? A “can’t miss experience” that is:

A Collective Evening: one massive, nationally-connected socially distant dinner party;
An Interactive Show: a virtual broadcast in multiple time zones that celebrates music, cuisine and each other by way of candlelight;
A New Social Experience: beyond Zoom video rooms, this event brings you new gathering technology that you do not want to miss;
A Live Memory: meant to be experienced in the moment, unable to view it later with both participatory, surprising and collective interactions;
An Event for Food Lovers: integrating top restaurants, introducing chef personalities and bringing together a cuisine-focused experience;
A Chance to Give Back: non-profit fundraiser for two local charities;

Dummy Candlelight Club Summer Soirée

As the Social Concierge prepares to host our upcoming special Social Distancing edition of Candlelight Club, we are committed to ensuring that the climate costs of bringing people together digitally for the 50th anniversary Earth Day celebration are not only fully offset, but negative.

By bridging the distances erected by critical social distancing with Zoom calls, Whatsapp threads, and Twitch streams we want to ensure that each person’s participation will be CARBON NEGATIVE. Therefore, all required electricity, connectivity, and meal costs incurred for this special evening will be offset by our purchasing of carbon credits at $11.00 per ton of CO2 via the Gold Standard.