The largest harvest celebration in Canada is sowing the seeds for your arrival. Bringing to life a vision for an enchanting and playful all-ages autumn adventure, Harvestland, debuted at the PNE from Oktober 10-20, 2019. This remarkable harvest festival brought together a diverse assemblage of rides, attractions, food, and entertainers for a celebration of community, nature, exploration and the imagination.


Over 10 autumn days, thousands of guests had the opportunity to explore a majestic Bavarian Village, a thrilling woodland labyrinth as well as an interactive and educational “Kinder Farm”. At the centre of it all, the renowned Harvest Haus (19+) entertained the adults with Oktoberfest-inspired fun, while an all ages Biergarten full of rides and a Marktplatz of Oktoberfest cuisine entertained our visiting families. Packed with dozens of rides and attractions ranging from tractor rides to medieval swordplay demonstrations, logger sports showcases to pumpkin carving and theatrical entertainers, there was something for merrymakers of all ages to indulge in at Harvestland.


Harvestland is looking forward to returning in Autumn 2020. Before ticket sales are announced have a look at the website to learn more about the magic of Harvest celebration.