Raison d'être

The Social Concierge is a unique creative and event design agency that specializes in generating unrivalled anticipation, moments of happiness and lifelong memories. We set the stage for both grand tales and personal highlights to emerge through our premium, accessible and immersive cultural experiences. The world is our oyster.

Our agency model provides quickness of feet, expanse of skill and lightness of spirit. We value the history of brand culture and design, the integrity and longevity of strong partnerships, and attention to detail as fundamental pillars toward the building of a strong image. Our team draws inspiration from the past and architects today into tomorrow.

Client Experiences

The Social Concierge combines the fine art and precise science of statement-making experiential events. Our inspired team works diligently to deliver a unique brand experience, unparalleled in the generation of exceptional value and attention to detail. We amplify brand heritage, generate modern relevance and create collective memories that spread throughout multiple mediums. Each client, be it a company or an individual, is a distinctive signature and a Social Concierge-created boutique event is a lasting impression of the best of you. Breathe life into your brand.


The Social Concierge is proud and honored that our events have been covered by the media outlets below and in hundreds of online articles.

Philanthropic Endeavours

Both the founding partners and our entire team champion the art of living well and generating happiness for others in all of our projects. An important part of this philosophy is to support our communities and bring out the best in all walks of life. While we tend to lean towards arts and culture, we are pleased to help make a positive difference with the following organizations.